Visiting Friars Hill Stables from 24th February 2022.


1.  Upon arrival, cars must be parked sensibly in the car park allowing for social distancing. 
 2.  Entry onto the yard is by coming through the top gates which are situated on the left hand side as you entered into the car park! There will be a sign displayed saying ENTRY!  
Go through the doorway and apply hand sanitiser before signing in. Everyone must sanitise their hands, this includes riders and their parent/guardian and everyone must be signed in.
Exit through the doorway onto the yard and wait behind the line of plant pots, do not touch anyone or anything and maintain social distancing.  A member of staff will let riders know when you may enter the schools, Children must stand quietly with their parent whilst awaiting their lesson, no wandering around and touching things!
Parents/Guardians, if they wish to watch the lesson should follow their child into the school and follow the one way system to the viewing gallery, please ensure you wear sensible footwear.  Once you are seated in the gallery then you should remain there for the whole session, Under no circumstances should you enter the gallery via the stairs.
 3.  Riders – when they have finished riding, must then leave the school via the one way system.  If they are riding in the Big School the exit gate is at the Letter F, if they are leaving the sand school, the exit gate is at letter K – this will take the riders into the gallery, Walk through the gallery, collect your spectator and go directly to your car.  Do NOT congregate chatting in the car park. 
 4.  Spectators are allowed to watch their riders however the spectator is limited to one adult/guardian per household or rider.  For instance, if you have three children riding, then we will still only be allowing one parent/guardian and no little brothers or sisters or grannies, aunties etc. No family outings just yet at Friars Hill Stables.
You can however still go and sit in your vehicles if you have been enjoying the quiet time 😃
 5.  Anyone and everyone attending Friars Hill Stables will be required to wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth whilst on the premises.  Riders may remove their facemasks once mounted and all girthing and stirrups are sorted. This also includes small children.
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