Dressage Times for Sunday 5th January 2020

By Alison Brown • 02 Jan, 2020

Dressage Times for Sunday 5th January 2020

Please do NOT park on the roadside outside of Friars Hill Stables or in the village, we do try to keep the villagers happy and the verges looking tidy.

All spectators and persons riding Friars Hill horses please park your CARS considerately in the car park opposite the stables at the Strawberry Fields.

Whilst we do endeavor to stick to our times as accurately as we can, this isn't always possible. Please keep smiling and have some of our delicious refreshments!

If you have any questions please email us

Class 1 - Intro A.

11.30am - Gracie Leonard, 11.36am - Olivia Waite, 11.42am - Annie Foster, 11.48am - Lisa Nicholson, 11.54am - Ella Smailes, 12noon - Faith Thatcher, 12.06pm - Lucy Warne, 12.12pm - Emily Smith, 12.18pm - Emma Smailes, 12.24pm - Kirsty Osborne, 12.30pm - Rachel Watson.

Class 2 - Prelim 1.

12.40am - Lisa Nicholson, 12.46pm - Grace Smith & Boysie, 12.52pm - Kirsty Ashworth, 12.58pm - Eliz Cook, 1.04pm - Lauren Harris, 1.10pm - Victoria Corbett, 1.16pm - Helen Cammish, 1.22pm - Grace Smith & George, 1.28pm - Louise Kelly.

Class 3 - Prelim 7.

1.40pm - Grace Smith & Boysie, 1.46pm - Eliz Cook, 1.52pm - Grace Smith & George.