Little Own a Pony Days

These are for the children for them to get a bit more hands on experience, learning about ponies, brushing them, learning how to tack up and a short riding session in there too. The cost for LOAPD sessions is currently £25.00 per child for the 2.5 hour session. Children should dress appropriately for both riding and the weather and should bring along a small snack & drink with them!


Come along and enjoy an escorted hack around some of our beautiful local countryside.  All hacks are accompanied by our experienced and qualified members of staff.

Hacking  for those who have very little experience and are beginners will be 1 hour in length maximum. 

Riders who are competent and independently capable at walk, trot and canter may opt for a 2 hour hacking session. 

If a group of riders wish to book on a group hack, you must note that we will only be going at the pace of the least able rider.  For example, if you are a walk, trot and canter rider and your friends are beginners then we will be going at the beginner speed, so please be mindful of that when booking.  The pace of all hacks will be dictated by the ability of the riders and the ground conditions.

Hacks can be private which is 1 to 1, or shared private which is 2 + persons or a group which can be up to 6 persons.



Friars Hill Riding Stables also offer high quality livery services. Our stables are a comfortable place for your horse to stay where they will be looked after by highly knowledgeable staff.